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Deadline to submit speaking applications: October 31, 2021

This conference focuses on capital project planning, programming, and management of higher education teaching and research facilities for the sciences, engineering, and advanced technologies.

All stakeholders who are interested in speaking at the conference are tasked to demonstrate innovative ideas, models, equipment, and/or solutions for capital project planning, programming, and management targeting trending space types and pressing new institutional objectives:


  • Physical Sciences
  • Biological Sciences
  • Engineering
  • Health Sciences
  • Robotics
  • Computational Space/Data Sciences/A.I.
  • Experiential Learning, Active Learning, and Team-based Education  
  • Maker Space
  • Innovation Hubs and Entrepreneurship Space


  1. Grow the sciences, advanced technology, and engineering programs
  2. Improve teaching and research outcomes
  3. Support convergence of the sciences, technology, and engineering programs and space
  4. Support maker culture and entrepreneurship
  5. Increase flexibility and optimum use of facilities
  6. Stimulate collaboration and connectivity 
  7. Raise the efficiency and effectiveness of resource use – space, budgets, and technology

Your presentation may call upon one or more of the following issues (or your own creative solutions) to meet the objectives above:

  • Post-COVID facility and space planning initiatives
  • Renovation and modernization of outdated facilities 
  • Repurposing non-science space for sciences, advanced technology, and engineering programs
  • Programming, design, and construction of new buildings 
  • Facility flexibility and adaptability for shared use and rapidly changing programs
  • New classroom configurations for experiential learning, active learning, team-based education 
  • Integrating data-science based programs with exisiting and new research space 
  • Facility features for recruitment 
  • Maker space and project lab plans
  • Highly specialized space: Cleanroom, cGMP, imaging, robotics, etc. 
  • Shared design studio, prototyping, and display spaces
  • Space allocation, metrics, and layouts for labs, classrooms, support space, and offices
  • Decision-making on renovation vs. building new
  • Mixed teaching and research facilities; Interdisciplinary research facility plans
  • Improved space management and space utilization
  • Transparency and enabling visual connections
  • Integrating student innovation and entrepreneurship programs  
  • Effective social and informal learning space
  • Efficient, shared-core research facilities
  • Cost-effective, flexible lab furniture and casework
  • Building vibration controls, EMI, and equipment precision safeguards
  • Planning strategies for the electrification of buildings and campuses
  • High-efficiency, low-cost mechanical system solutions
  • Environmental control systems and sensors: Occupancy, acoustics, air quality, temperature, humidity
  • Building automation systems and facility technology implementation
  • Successful energy, water, and sustainability initiatives
  • Project management processes that lower costs and optimize outcomes
  • Lower construction and operation costs


To complete a speaking application, you will need:

  • Presentation title, one-paragraph summary, and up to four takeaway ideas
  • Speaker names, contact information, Bio/CV, and headshot image
  • Current Overview
  • Presentation Content
  • Speakers
  • Preview
  • Complete

Speaking Application

Type of Presentation

Terms of Participation

If you are from an owner/end-user's organization and your application for a 25-minute general-session report is accepted, your registration fees are complimentary and travel reimbursement may be available. General-session reports are limited to owner/end-user representatives (maximum two speakers).

Terms of Participation

If you are from an A/E/C, Consultant, Vendor, or Service Provider:

  • The speaking application process is competitive. Tradeline selects the topics that best meet the audience priorities.
  • If your application is selected there will be a sponsorship fee to secure the speaking spot: 
    ​$6,900 if Tradeline selects the topic to be presented twice (once on each day of the conference)
    $4,900 if selected for a one-time presentation
    (Breakout sessions are presented concurrently, so presenting twice allows participants two opportunities to attend, typically leading to a larger total audience.)
  • In addition you will need to register each speaker at the discounted rate of $1,925 per speaker (minimum one speaker and maximum three speakers).
Post-Conference Publication
Tradeline plans to record and publish select conference presentations in audio + PowerPoint webcast format to an audience beyond the in-person conference attendees. A draft will be provided to you for approval prior to publishing. Please indicate your interest below.
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