Virtual Presentation Opportunities

Tradeline Virtual is a compilation of on-demand audio and video presentations on facility planning, design, construction, and space management for laboratory and R&D environments, science teaching, healthcare, and corporate/institutional workspace.

Tradeline Virtual is organized around facilities planning and management “channels”, each thematically focused on high priority topics facing the planning, design, construction, and facility management community. The channels are:

  1. Laboratory and Research Facilities  
  2. University Science, Engineering, and Technology Facilities
  3. Facility Space Planning and Space Management
  4. University Facilities

Take this opportunity to present your expertise in audio with PowerPoint, video with PowerPoint, or video only on high-priority topics within the above channels. You can also conduct interviews, showcase audiovisual building tours, or present case studies. Webcasts remain live throughout the year and each vary in length from 20 minutes to 60 minutes. American Institute of Architects Continuing Education LUs will be available for AIA CES compliant webcast presentations.

Applications to host a webcast will be evaluated prior to acceptance, and subjects that more clearly define theses, propositions, concepts, ideas, and solutions are more likely to be selected.

Speaking firms at Tradeline’s 2021 in-person conferences can add webcast content throughout the year with no additional fees.

For more information on hosting a webcast email or call (925) 254-1744 ext. 119 for more information. Or click the link below to start your application.